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Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Cultural & Educational Foundation

Natan Dvir

AG Global worked closely with Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Cultural & Educational Foundation to produce an exhibition of work by Israeli photographer Natan Dvir in three of the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store locations in Taiwan.


Since 2007, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Cultural & Educational Foundation has organized the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi International Photography Exhibition Events. Over the last ten years, the foundation has focused its efforts on promoting the photographic arts and providing photography lovers with a comprehensive platform for expression. The foundation regularly invites internationally renowned photographers to exhibit their work, creating an inspiring and dynamic international photographic arts exchange.

Exhibition Background


Natan Dvir’s Homelands | 安居之所 explores both his motherland, Israel, and New York City, where he resided for over 11 years. Growing up in Israel, from an early age Dvir was exposed to strong religious, social and political views. As a result, much of his work focuses on the human aspects of political, social and cultural issues.


As a humanistic photographer, Dvir often gravitates towards the stories of the various minority groups who call Israel home. He has photographed Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers, Arab Israelis, and members of Israel’s minority religions. In New York City he has photographed the Jewish diaspora. His work seeks to debunk preconceived notions, and biases, thereby promoting mutual respect, understanding and peaceful coexistence.


Dvir’s images of New York City are infused with a different kind of vitality, whereby the viewer feels a

sense of isolation despite the bustling population size. In these images Dvir critiques social norms, wealth disparity and the ideal of the American Dream. Dvir juxtaposes utopian images with the harsh realities of the New York City hustle, often highlighting how people are alone, together.As a whole, Dvir’s work aims to bring together polarized communities through humanizing the “other”.


Dvir demonstrates that a homeland does not always have to be someone’s native land; sometimes it can be the home you choose for yourself.

Natan Dvir Introduces His Work

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